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Adopt a Sloth

Are you sweet on sloths or do you know someone who is? Sponsor a sloth at Drusillas today! When you adopt a sloth you help us with our animal care and conservation programmes. Don’t hang around waiting, adopt a sloth today!

  • £1 from every sloth adoption will be donated to the Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo), our Conservation Charity of the Year. Your money will help to save these incredible animals from extinction and protect the rainforests they live in. Click here to read about how we are supporting SloCo.

A sloth adoption will make an amazing gift for any sloth lover! Our adopt a sloth gift pack includes:

  • Between 1-3 complimentary tickets to visit the park
  • An adopt a sloth UK certificate signed by a Zoo Director
  • An adoption plaque on or near the sloth enclosure
  • A picture of the sloth you have adopted

How do I adopt a sloth?

To adopt a sloth, first choose one of our loveable sloths from our list of Animals to Adopt. Once you have selected the sloth you wish to adopt please download and complete the Adoption Form. Then either post the form back to us or email it to us at [email protected]. Alternatively please come and visit us in the Visitor Services Office opposite the Park Entrance.

Our adopt a sloth gift packages are ideal for an unusual gift or as a work, school or group mascot! 

Corporate Adoptions

With almost 400,000 visitors a year a corporate sloth adoption would give your company the unique opportunity to advertise your services or products on a plaque alongside other current adopters and will show your support of Drusillas and the valuable conservation work we undertake. We have two corporate adoption schemes which start from £100 and include a minimum of four complimentary entry tickets. Please email us at [email protected] for more details.

About Drusillas sloths:

Three beautiful sloths live at Drusillas. Our younger sloths Flash (Flash was hand-reared here at the Park) and Gordon can be found in our South American enclosure, whilst our big male Sophocles can be found living with our fruit bats a little further along the zoo route.

Linne’s two-toes sloths are found in tropical rainforests in northern South America, they spend almost all of their time hanging upside down from trees by their four long limbs. You’ll fall in love with our beautiful sleepy sloths as soon as you see them; sponsor a sloth today for a truly magical gift.


Sloth adoption packages are available from £45. Please click the link for more details on price and a full list of Sloths to Adopt.

To download an adoption application form please click this link.

Special Adopt a Sloth gift Offers

  • 15% reduction on continuous adoption but not applicable with any other offer.

  • 15% discount to all Annual Members for all new annual adoptions.

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