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Farmyard Experience

Are you looking for a truly unforgettable experience for a young animal-lover? What about our perfectly magical child's first farm encounter?

This amazing experience gives anyone, from the age of four, the chance to groom, feed and meet some of our much-loved farm animals.

Our Farmyard experience can be bought as a treat for your child, for a loved one, a friend or even yourself! The farm animal encounter really would make the perfect present for any young animal lover! Click here to book now!

From donkey grooming, to feeding the goats and meeting the mice. It really is a very special and unforgettable encounter.

The farmyard encounter is an amazing one-to-one experience (we also have an option for two participants) lasting around 45 minutes which will leave anyone taking part grinning from ear to ear.

During our Farmyard experience, you can expect to meet and groom the donkeys, feed the goats and get a chance to stroke our friendly mice! You will get one-on-one time with the Zoo Keeper to answer all of your questions, as well as a fantastic opportunity to get some amazingly close photos of the animals – or even a cheeky selfie! 

Your VIP Experience

Your Farmyard experience will last around 45 minutes and includes:

  • Admission into the zoo for the participant.
  • The chance to give some of our friendliest farm animals their favourite snacks.
  • The opportunity to groom our lovable donkeys and give them a snack.
  • Meet the goats and give them some browse and hay. Your dedicated keeper will tell you all about our goats and their individual personalities.
  • Meet and have the chance to stroke our mice.
  • One-on-one time with a Zoo Keeper to ask any questions you may have.
  • The opportunity to take some photos.
  • You will receive an Animal Encounter certificate at the end of your Farmyard experience.


We have two price categories for our Farmyard experience:

Gold - £95 on weekends, East Sussex school holidays, and inset days  

Silver - £80 on East Sussex term time weekdays   

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What's Included

  • Entry to the Park is included for the Farmyard encounter participant(s).
  • Additional (non participating) guests will require a valid day ticket.
  • In the case of two participants the cost of the second participant is half price (two participants must be the same group or family, and booked at the same time).  

How to Book Your Farmyard Experience

Click here to book now!

We regret that we are unable to make provisional bookings or take bookings over the phone.


Can you tell me a bit more about the farm animals at Drusillas?

On the farm at Drusillas we have four West African pygmy goats- Billy, Eddie, Fudge, Lenny. They are a small, hardy breed of goat covered in brown, black, white or golden hair. Coco and Drusilla are our miniature donkeys who love a fuss, and a groom! We also have Shetland ponies Smudge and Treacle, some Swiss Valais sheep and some wonderful mice!

How much does it cost for a Close Encounter with the farm animals at Drusillas?

Close Encounters are £95 on weekends, East Sussex school holidays and inset days and £80 on East Sussex term-time weekdays.

What happens during a Farmyard Close Encounter?

The farm animal experience at Drusillas lasts around 45 minutes. During this time you will feed the animals and help one of our Zoo Keepers with part of their daily routine. You really do get nose-to-nose with our friendly animals for an unforgettable experience. From grooming our donkeys to having the opportunity to stroke the mice- this is the perfect encounter for any young child who loves animals. Entry to the Park is included for the Farmyard experience participant(s).

Are there any age limits for Farmyard Close Encounters?

To meet our farm animals at Drusillas participants need to be at least four years old. It is the perfect close encounter for younger children. For anyone aged 6 and above we offer experiences with our sloths, red pandas, penguins, otters, capybaras, giant anteaters, lemurs, coatis, camels and more! Find out more here.

Do I get to keep anything to remember my Farmyard Close Encounter?

Participants will all get a special Close Encounter Animal Experience badge and certificate to take home as a souvenir of the experience.