Post -13 Students

Drusillas Education Department provides Talk and Tours for Post-13 groups.  We take students on a tour of the Park and provide a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation on your chosen subject.  The whole talk and tour lasts for about 2 ½ hours and usually includes the opportunity to stroke a snake and a cockroach!  Following the tour, students are welcome to use our shops and catering facilities; but may not use the play equipment.  We are able to offer talk and tours September – April.


Our main presentations are outlined below and we can tailor content to meet your needs.  If you are interested in a topic not listed below, please contact us to see if we can help. Some recent talks that we have successfully given include; People in Business, Health and Safety, HR and Recruitment, Science in the Workplace, Behavioural Studies and Organisational Structure.


Business Studies

This talk gives an overview of Drusillas as a business and focuses on management, organisational structure and how the
various departments within Drusillas help achieve our aims and objectives.

Drusillas is a highly successful visitor attraction located within the South Downs National Park. Learn about Drusillas' customer profiles, visitor trends and its impact on the local environment, as well as tourism within the South Downs National Park. 

Customer Service


Discover how our customer service helps make Drusillas Park a popular visitor attraction with high levels of repeat visits. Learn about Drusillas customer service standards and
monitoring, staff training and how we respond to feedback.


Learn about the marketing methods that has helped raise visitor numbers and make Drusillas one of the most popular attractions in the South East. This talk focuses on target markets, market research, marketing strategies, secondary spend and our recent work enhancing our web presence.


Computer Science & ICT


ICT is an integral component of Drusillas Park, whether enhancing our visitors enjoyment, maintaining animal
enclosures or improving the efficiency of our business.
This Powerpoint presented talk comes complete with an
 in-depth tour of the Park.


Animal Care

Animal Care sessions enable students to gain expert knowledge in how we look after our exotic animals at Drusillas Park. Topics covered include enclosure design,
group size, diet and enrichment and cover a host of animals
from penguins to primates. This session can be focused
upon our farmyard or Petworld animals if required.



This session on conservation in zoos, looking at how they have evolved and improved to meet today's high standards. Discover how zoos work together globally to help increase and manage animal populations. The session also looks at in-situ conservation work and students can look at a range of HM Revenue & Customs seized artefacts.


Animal Behaviour

Learn about Drusillas animals and studies that have been undertaken in the collection.  Find out which animals are good for behavioural studies before students have the
opportunity to make their own observations. This session is especially popular with Psychology groups.


Education Newsletter

Please feel free to download our annual Education newsletter; Wise Owls by clicking here.



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To book an educational trip to Drusillas Park, telephone the Education Department on 01323 874117 or email us at

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