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Bos taurus taurus

About the Cows

Domestic cows can be black, grey, white, cream, red-brown, brown or a mixture of these colours, depending on the breed. A cow’s stomach is made up of four compartments – the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. (Please note, our cows move out of their pens from 5pm BST and 4pm GMT into fields where they graze overnight).

Habitat and Distribution

There are many domestic breeds, each from a different area of the world. British breeds include Jersey cows and Guernsey cows from the Channel Islands, Highland cattle from Scotland and Hereford’s from Herefordshire (England).

Family Information

Cows are group animals that live in herds. Cows have one or two calves after nine month gestation (pregnancy).

Conservation Status: Common

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