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Laysan Teal

Anas laysanensis

About the Laysan Teal

Laysan teal are small ducks, covered in red-brown and dark brown feathers with a green-blue patch on the wing, a white eye ring and orange legs. They are a critically endangered species as they are only found on tiny islands and therefore in danger from hurricanes, droughts, lack of food and introduced plants and animals. Laysan teal are the most endangered animal at Drusillas – with less than 1000 birds living in the wild.

Habitat and Distribution

Laysan teal are found around lakes on Laysan Island and Midway Atoll in Hawaii.

Family Information

Laysan teal are usually found in pairs or small family groups, they often lay three or four eggs at a time, amongst shrubs and long grass.

Conservation Status: Endangered

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