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Parma Wallabies

Macropus parma

About the Parma Wallabies

Parma wallabies have short brown fur on their backs, a grey-brown head, and a pale throat and belly. They feed on grass and herbs and can live for up to 15 years in captivity. They are the smallest species of wallaby or kangaroo. Their tail and their body both measure about 50cm long.

Habitat and Distribution

Parma wallabies are found in forests in eastern Australia where there is thick undergrowth and nearby grassy areas. They are classed as rare and many have been eaten by introduced foxes, dingoes (dogs) and cats. They also suffer from habitat loss.

Family Information

These wallabies are largely nocturnal and often live alone in the wild. Their babies (joeys) are born between February and June. They travel to their mother’s pouch where they remain for up to six months.

Conservation Status: Rare

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