Annual Membership Terms and Conditions

We sincerely hope you will enjoy all the benefits of being a Drusillas Annual Member including unlimited access to the park 362 days a year.  For clarification the terms and conditions under which membership is offered are listed below:

  1. Membership expires 12 months from the date we receive the membership application, not from the date we receive the photograph or membership card is collected.
  2. Memberships cannot be purchased in full or part using Tesco Vouchers.
  3. Entrance to the Park or any other membership benefits will not be permitted without a valid membership card. This card cannot be issued until a photograph has been received.
  4. We are unable to process a membership application or issue a membership card without a valid passport sized photograph of each individual. If you are paying for the membership in person a photo can be taken at Drusillas. We will endeavour to return the photograph supplied, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Members can use any gate for entry but only the Visitor Services Office for card collection, applications, renewals, reversals, enquiries, etc.  There is no automatic right to entry without queuing however on exceptionally busy days we will endeavour to fast track members whenever possible.
  6. A replacement card, whether lost or stolen, will only be issued subject to verification of identity and is subject to a small administration fee.
  7. A membership or membership card is not transferable.
  8. Membership benefits only apply to the card holder and are not extended to other family members.
  9. Any change of address must be notified in writing either by post, e-mail or in person at the Visitor Services Office.
  10. Babies and those not yet two years old are free of charge.  Any child of a current member who has reached their second birthday will be charged the full daily admission rate or are required to purchase a membership.
  11. All memberships are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, there are no short-term memberships or pro-rata refunds if you wish to terminate a membership prior to its expiry. 
  12. Drusillas Park will not freeze or suspend any membership prior to its expiry.
  13. Admission to the park and use of the facilities are subject to the published last admission and closing times.
  14. Under normal circumstances Drusillas is open 362 days a year.  If we are forced to close due to circumstances beyond our control, membership cannot be extended or monies refunded.
  15. Gold membership is only available to children and is not offered to adults.  If you wish to upgrade an existing standard membership to a gold membership the full difference will be charged regardless of the residual term.
  16. The additional gold membership benefits are available most weekends and East Sussex school holidays, weather permitting.
  17. Standard and gold membership benefits are reviewed each December.  Current benefits apply to the calendar year and are subject to change without notification on the 31st December.  Any change in benefits will be effective from 1st January and apply to the remaining term of membership.
  18. From time to time we will provide email offers to Annual Members. These are a marketing initiative and do not form part of the terms and conditions of membership. We take no responsibility for lost or undelivered emails.
  19. Any reneal discount offered is subject to a membership being renewed no later than 30 days after it's expiry. All membership cards will be dated from the original expiry date. No renewal discount is offered on a membership that has expired by more than 30 days. The offer only applies to a renewed membership and is not extended to new and/or additional family members.
  20. Any offer to get today’s admission fee refunded is only available on the day of your visit and is dependent on you producing your original till receipt at the Visitor Services Office before Drusillas Zoo Park closes. This offer only applies to those visiting on the day, paying the full daily admission rate excluding any vouchers; it is not applicable to any additional family members who have not visited.
  21. Drusillas Zoo Park Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission and revoke a membership for any reason considered necessary.
  22. Annual Members are bound by Drusillas Terms of Business


On busy days our main priority is to reduce queuing time as much as possible and ask you not to direct membership queries to our admission staff in person.  If you do have any queries regarding your membership please e-mail, or telephone our secretary during normal office hours on 01323 874100 extension 201. Thank you.

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