Photography Days

Joe_Sutton__2_.JPGOur Photography Days offer the best possible opportunity to see our fascinating animals at close quarters to achieve that paw-fect picture. 

This is an experience any budding photographer will not want to miss. Working alongside our resident animal photographer, participants will go behind the scenes and venture inside the enclosures of some of our most popular animals. You will encounter characters such as meerkats, penguins, lemurs, sloths, beavers, capybaras, porcupines, bats, racoons, coatis and even our armadillo! 

Our Photography Days can cater for a group of up to four individuals and costs just £70 per person. There are nine photography dates in 2017:

  • Sunday 19th March
  • sscDSC_0027edit_1.jpgSunday 23rd April
  • Sunday 11th June
  • Sunday 25th June
  • Sunday 9th July
  • Sunday 6th August
  • Sunday 3rd September
  • Sunday 17th Septmeber
  • Sunday 1st October

The day lasts from 10:00am until 3:30pm and availability is limited so book your place now and make it snappy! 


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