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Take a walk on the wild side and discover hundreds of animals


Soft play, water play, mazes and awesome play for all ages


Reach the skies on rides suitable for the whole family

The Best Zoo & Family Day Out in South East & Sussex

Enjoy a great family day out at one of the top kids days out in Sussex. Widely regarded as the best small zoo in the country we've created an animal and child friendly environment where the focus is always on fun finding out. However, animals are only half the fun; Go Wild!, Get Wet!, Go Safari!, The Rainforest Adventure, SPARK, Amazon Adventure, Mungo's Adventure Maze and all our free children's rides are paradise for anyone wanting a theme park experience. It's no ordinary zoo, it's no ordinary day out!

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Conservation at Drusillas

We envision a world where zoos play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world. 

We have the expertise to reverse negative species trends and give back to wildlife in a manner that is not only unique, but essential for the conservation of our planet. With an integrated and transparent approach, zoos can contribute significantly to the planet’s restoration so wildlife can thrive in their natural habitats.

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Harnessing the very latest in immersive technology, SPARK is the UK’s largest immersive play experience. See little eyes marvel in wonder as they discover a magical world where reality and technology collide, in an explosion of colour and light! Explore the vibrant jungle walls, touch and play with the wondrous watery floors, slide into a magical seabed, visit the plains of Africa, and get lost in the enchanted forest.

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More Things To Do

First and foremost Drusillas is a zoo with a great range of exotic animals and an emphasis on conservation and education. There are so many things to do and learn and our interactive displays are all designed to bring learning to life. Don't miss the Zoolympics Challenge and remember to pick up your free Animal Spotter Book when you arrive. All in all Drusillas is one of the best family days out in Sussex with plenty of children's activities to keep kids happy and entertained. 

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