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Rainforest Carousel

Are you ready to experience the beautiful new Rainforest Carousel ride at Drusillas? The first of it's kind in the UK!

The beautifully mesmerising Rainforest Carousel - the first of its kind in the UK!

Climb upon your favourite animal and be enchanted by the wonders of the rainforest as you soar up and down on this classic ride with a captivating jungle twist.

Pick your favourite rainforest animal to sit on, with over 30 to choose from including an anteater, a sloth, a jaguar and a river dolphin…

Can’t choose a favourite? Why not try them all on this magical ride that the whole family will enjoy!

Health and Safety Rules:

  • Children under 105cm must be accompanied by an adult standing on the inside of the animal or on the adjacent seat.
  • Not advised for children under 12 months- should they ride they are only permitted to use the bench seating with an adult.
  • The two-seater animals may only be used by one adult and one child, two adults are not permitted.
  • There is provision for one visitor in a wheelchair on each ride using the turtle carriage which can be accessed via a ramp.