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Rainforest Carousel

Are you ready to experience the beautiful Rainforest Carousel ride at Drusillas? The first of it's kind in the UK!

The mesmerising Rainforest Carousel - get ready to be enchanted by the wonders of the rainforest! Soar up and down on this classic ride with a captivating jungle twist. Pick your favourite rainforest animal and take a spin around the carousel! There are over 30 animals to choose from including an anteater, a sloth, a jaguar and a river dolphin…

Can’t choose a favourite? Why not try them all on this magical ride that the whole family will enjoy!

Health and Safety Rules:

  • Children under 105cm must be accompanied by an adult standing on the inside of the animal or on the adjacent seat.
  • Not advised for children under 12 months- should they ride they are only permitted to use the bench seating in the snake basket with an adult.
  • The snake basket must contain at least 1 child and 1 adult.  Riders must remain seated at all times.
  • The two-seater animals may only be used by one adult and one child, two adults are not permitted.
  • There is provision for one visitor in a wheelchair on each ride using the turtle carriage which can be accessed via a ramp.
  • Please note there maybe some disruption with this ride in periods of bad weather such as high winds, snow or very heavy rain. 
  • Safety is always our primary concern and our ride operator has the right to refuse anyone from riding for safety reasons. 

Rides Times:

  • The first rides of the day start at 11am and the last rides are at 4.45pm GMT and 5.45pm BST.
  • On days when visitor numbers and demand is low, such as term time weekdays or winter weekends, we operate the rides on a rotational basis with specific times and information provided at both the park entrance and at the entrance of each ride. The rides operate on a continual basis on most other weekends throughout the year and during East Sussex state school holidays.
  • All the rides are included in the normal price of entry for both day visitors and Annual Members.
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