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Ride Rotations

On days when visitor numbers and demand is low, such as term time weekdays or winter weekends, we operate the rides on a rotational basis 

The first rides of the day start at 11am and the last rides are at 4.45pm GMT and 5.45pm BST

ON THE HOUR (for 15 mins)

  • Amazon Skyrise (Rainforest Adventure)
  • Flying Cheetahs (Go Safari!)

20 PAST THE HOUR (for 15 mins)

  • Hippopotobus (Go Safari!)
  • Jungle Jeeps (Rainforest Adventure)

20 TO THE HOUR (for 15 mins)

  • The Rainforest Carousel (Rainforest Adventure)
  • Toucan Twister (Go Safari!)


  • SUMMER WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS: On the hour and half past with an addtional service at 5.45pm
  • SUMMER TERM TIME: On the hour with an addtional service at 5.45pm
  • WINTER: On the hour with an additional service at 4.45pm

  • A reminder of each ride's specific times and information is provided at both the park entrance and at the entrance of each ride.
  • The rides operate on a continual basis on most other weekends throughout the year and during East Sussex state school holidays.
  • Park entrance prices are reduced to reflect our offering on quieter days.