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Toucan Twister

Get ready for a whirlwind ride on the Toucan Twister!

Nestle yourself into the center of a beautiful water lilly ready to spin, whizz and whirl around the giant Toucan!

Feeling brave? Spin your wheel if you want to go faster!

Rides Times:

  • The first rides of the day start at 11am and the last rides are at 4.45pm GMT and 5.45pm BST.
  • On days when visitor numbers and demand is low, such as term time weekdays or winter weekends, we operate the rides on a rotational basis with specific times and information provided at both the park entrance and at the entrance of each ride. The rides operate on a continual basis on most other weekends throughout the year and during East Sussex state school holidays.
  • All the rides are included in the normal price of entry for both day visitors and Annual Members.
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Health and Safety Rules

  • Children under 90cm must be accompanied by an adult.
  • There is a maximum of 4 persons per cup (max two adults).
  • This ride is not recommended for those with back or neck problems, heart conditions, high blood pressure, or broken limbs. Pregnant visitors are advised not to use the rides.
  • Disabled Access There are two steps to access Toucan Twister. Standard wheelchairs can be taken through the queue lines and into the ride areas. Operators will assist visitors in accessing the rides but will be unable to lift users into or out of the seats. All height, age and other safety restrictions also apply to visitors with disabilities and the operator must be satisfied that the rules are met before allowing anyone to ride. We offer an Access Pass for disabled visitors who may find queuing stressful or difficult. We also have Sunflower Lanyards available from our Visitor Services Office for those who would quietly like more assistance or help during their visit. 
  • Please note there may be some disruption with the Toucan Twister in periods of bad weather such as high winds, snow, or very heavy rain.
  • Safety is always our primary concern and our ride operator has the right to refuse anyone from riding for safety reasons.