Food and Drink

Explorers Café

  • Pizza.jpgExplorers Cafe is open daily. Opening hours are from GMT: 10am – 17:00 and BST: 10am – 18:00. Please note hot food finishes at 16:00 every day.
  • Our menu offers a wide range of value for money food options including pizza slices, pasta dishes and jacket potatoes with delicious fillings.
  • Our full time chef cooks popular specials such as fish and chips, steak and ale pie and mild chicken masala as well as delicious homemade soups.
  • Choose from a range of freshly made sandwiches and baguettes. We make them on the premises and use quality bread to ensure you can taste the difference.
  • We have a dedicated jacket potato station with a range of toppings including prawn mayonnaise and chilli con carne, plus the “help yourself” salad bar
    is included in the price.
  • We sell delicious Ben and Jerry's ice cream in addition to our ever popular “all you can eat” ice cream, still priced at £1.99.
  • Vegetarian and gluten free options are always
  • Children's menu from £2.99- £3.99 as well as
    kiddie lunch bags.
  • Starbucks Coffee is now on sale offering premium
    coffee for all coffee lovers. As always we’ve got a good selection of cakes, muffins and Danish pastries.
  • A good selection of baby food is also available.
  • The Drusillas Park Catering Department are proud to have been awarded a 5 star rating from Wealden
    District Council for food hygiene.

  • OasisVisit Oasis Cafe and enjoy a large selection of top quality fast food including burgers, chicken nuggets, jacket potatoes, salads, hot dogs, drinks, ice creams and children’s lunch boxes.
  • Oasis is situated in the Go Wild! play area and can also be accessed via our picnic area and events arena.
  • A vegetarian option is always available including veggie burgers, jacket potatoes and salads.
  • Low fat and sugar free drinks are available.Oasis_logo
  • The Drusillas Park Catering Department are proud to have been awarded a 5 star rating from Wealden District Council for food hygiene.
  • Oasis Cafe is open weekends and East Sussex school holidays from 10.00am. It closes at 6pm in the Summer (BST) and 5pm in the Winter (GMT). 





The Station Buffet

  • DoughnutsThe Station Buffet serves up delicious hot doughnuts with chocolate, butterscotch or maple syrup sauce and fabulous fruit smoothies as well as sandwiches, pick 'n' mix children's lunch boxes, Mr Whippy ice cream, fudge, drinks and snacks .

  • The Station Buffet is situated next to the train station and is open on weekends and East Sussex school holidays.

Amazon Adventure Cafe

  • Amazon_Ad_CafeAmazon Adventure Café is open every day offering a wide selection of sandwiches and toasted sandwiches.
  • For children we also offer lunch boxes and there is always a small range of fruit on offer.
  • Coffees, teas and a selection of children’s drinks including water and pure fruit juices are always available.

Food Facts for the Family

  • Explorers___Salad_BarAll of our hot daily specials in Explorers Café are prepared on the premises by our full time Chef.
  • Our sandwiches are all freshly made on the premises.
  • We have a large self service salad bar in Explorers Café.
  • Homemade tossed salads are available from Oasis Café and Amazon Adventure.
  • Jacket potatoes are always available with a variety of toppings in Explorers Café and Oasis Café.
  • A pasta dish is always on offer in Explorers Café.
  • JacketA selection of gluten free meals, quiches, snacks and cakes are available from Explorers Café.
  • A selection of fruit is available in all our catering outlets.
  • Organic and fair trade hot and cold drinks are available from Explorers Cafe. Organic soft drinks are also available in Amazon Adventure.
  • Vegetarian options are always available in Explorers
    Café and Oasis Café.
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