Our Charity of the Year

Proudly_Supporting_Demelza_Logo.jpgIn 2017, we are delighted to be supporting Demelza Hospice Care for Children, as our offical Charity of the Year! 

As a day out enjoyed by many young families, it was important to us to choose a charity dedicated to the welfare of children.

Demelza is a children's hospice charity, providing care to families throughout East Sussex, Kent and South East London. 

Demelza provides compassionate and expert care for babies, children, young people and their families at a time when they need it the most. 

This invaluable support is free of charge to families and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. 

A great deal is planned for the partnership including group visits, support and fundraising. Demelza will also continue to have an ongoing presence at the Park and we look forward
to working closely with the charity what_is2.tmb_visualbann.jpgto help support the fantastic work they do.


How you can help

You can help us support Demelza Hospice Care for Children by adopting our beautiful serval, Ninja. You will not only contribute towards the upkeep of our animals at the Park but 20% of the proceeds from each adoption of Ninja will be donated to the charity. 

For further information on animal adoption click here Ninja_1.jpg


Fundraising Ticket Requests

We get a huge number of requests for free tickets to Drusillas for raffles, Fayres and charity events, therefore we have made the decision to only send tickets out to those charities who fit the following criteria:

  1. We only send free tickets to registered charity’s or their fundraisers, bone fide fetes and Christmas fayres or   schools – provided they are within the following counties
    - East or West Sussex, Kent or Surrey.  
  2. All schools should write to our Education Department on headed school paper with details of the relevant event and with an enclosed A5 stamped addressed envelope.
  3. Registered Charity’s and fundraisers should send a letter on headed paper with details of the relevant event and with an enclosed A5 stamped addressed envelope. 
  4. We provide two free tickets to Drusillas which are
    eligible to be used at any time of the year but they
    require each free ticket person what_is02f267a1f42264a8875eff0000c536f5.tmb_visualbann.jpgto be accompanied by 
    another person paying the full entrance price. 


If your event or cause fits these criteria please follow the instructions above and your tickets will be sent in the post.







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