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Animals to Adopt!

Welcome a wild new member to the family!

Any animal within the Park can be adopted. Below are our most popular animals, but if the animal you wish to adopt is not listed below please contact us on [email protected] to find out about them.

Which animal will you choose....


Echo, Flash, Gordon, Halina or Sophocles

*£1 from every sloth adoption donated to The Sloth Conservation Foundation

Adopt a sloth

Humboldt Penguins

Chilli, Dill, Gherkin, Ollie, and Slate or adopt one of our Brighton & Hove Albion Player penguins: De Zerbi, Steele, Webster, Enciso, Dunk, March, Gross, Mitoma, Veltman, and Ferguson

Adopt a penguin

Red Panda

Maja or Mulan

Adopt a red panda

Eurasian Lynx

Ash or Friston

Adopt a Lynx


Betty, Blossom, Chandler, Daff, Dick, Kane, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Tamu, or Tyson

adopt a meerkat


Augustus, Clementine, Satsuma, Marmalade, Tango, or Squash

adopt a capybara

Squirrel Monkey

Ana, Coco, Ernesto, Florita, Luica, Mateo, Miguel, Patch, Peanut, Pepper, Pip, Plum, Pumpkin or Rafael

adopt a monkey

Cotton Top Tamarin

Nigel, Pasto, Sol, Toki, or Yo

Adopt a tamarin


Ninja or Nwela

Adopt a serval

Ring Tailed Lemur

Daro, Lee, Mehki, Ringo, Scar, Timmy, or William

Adopt a lemur

Yellow Armadillo

Eddie, or The Tank

Adopt an armadillo


Daggett, Jasper or Norbert

Adopt a beaver



Adopt a binturong

Yellow-Throated Martens

Niko or Sasha

Adopt a marten

Bactrian Camel

Roxy or Lofty

Adopt a camel


Chop, Kid, Rio, or Sofia

Adopt a coati

Miniature Donkey

Coco or Drusilla

Adopt a donkey


Bob, Fandango, Marco, or Maurice! 

Adopt a flamingo

Fruit Bat

Affleck, Bale, Carlos, Clooney, Gomez, Kavi, Keaton, Pugsley, or Wednesday

Adopt a Bat

Giant Anteater

Pablo or Raya

Adopt an Anteater

Lar Gibbon

Pudsey or Sholo

Adopt a gibbon

Pygmy Goats

Billy, Floyd, Fudge, or Percy

Adopt a goat

Black Lemur

Clementine, or Shadow

Adopt a lemur

Black-cheeked lovebird

Ricky or Sharpy

adopt a lovebird

Sulawesi crested macaque

Lintang or Moteck

adopt a macaque

Red Handed Tamarin

Bowie, Isla, Kiwa, or Ozzy

Adopt a tamarin

Dwarf Mongoose

Stasher, Goose, Maverick, Phoenix, or Halo

Adopt a dwarf mongoose

Banded Mongoose

Dayna, Ghislaine, Lamos, Steve or Rich


Pygmy Marmoset

Ben or Rosie

adopt a marmoset

Silvery Marmoset

Emilio, Febe, Pearl, Lumi, or Bonnie

adopt a marmoset

Capuchin Monkey


adopt a capuchin

Colobus Monkey

Adaeze, Arlo, Domino, Kylo, Maarten, Pedro, Romeo, or Yoyo

adopt a colobus

Goeldis Monkey

Neville or Penelope

adopt a goeldis

Saki Monkey

Makari, or Twiggy

adopt a saki

Asian Short-Clawed Otter

Brie, Cheddar, Chutney, Edam, Feta, or Leicester

adopt an otter

Great Grey Owl

Owlbert or Victoria

Adopt an owl


Rose or Spike

Adopt a porcupine

Rock Hyrax

Layla, Yasmina, Jamal Sabah, or Thana

Adopt a rock hyrax

Golden Lion Tamarin

Bhuna or Tikka

Adopt a tamarin

Emperor Tamarin

Havana, Lola, or Napoleon

Adopt a tamarin


Would you like to meet our amazing animals?

Check out our close encounter experiences and get nose to nose with your favourite animal!

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