Spider Phobia Course

There is no good reason to be afraid of spiders. The vast majority of spiders are harmless and extremely beneficial invertebrates. There are no dangerous spiders in the UK. However millions of perfectly rational people have an irrational fear of them. Why?


No matter how they try to be calm when confronted by a spider the response is always the same. Sweating, nausea, panic, rapid heartbeat and sometimes much worse can occur. Do spiders deserve this reputation? Here at Drusillas we think not and we are now offering a three hour course that aims to assist the arachnophobe to not only overcome their fears but to leave with a better understanding of these much maligned creatures.



The day will run on Saturday 9th of September 2017 and lasts from 10am until 1.30pm and costs just £80 per person with a maximum of 10 participants.


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