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Coming Soon: Jurassic Jungle

ARRIVING IN 2020: Take a walk back in time and discover some Jurassic giants

Coming to the Park in Spring 2020 - Tiptoe through the jaws of a mighty T-rex and bravely step into dinosaur territory. Once you are over the threshold, get ready to ROAR and CLAW your way through the prehistoric walk-through.

Keep your eyes peeled as you adventure through the jungle:

  • Look out for the friendly family of Triceratops
  • Be wary of the spitting Dilophosaurus
  • And duck to avoid the flying Pterosaur…

We can't wait to welcome to Dru-assic Park, a land that time forgot!

Keep checking back here and make sure you're following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more updates as the Jurassic giants get closer!

Here's a little snippet of the prehistoric giants arriving...