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Drusillas Donates £1k to Australian Wildlife

Along with the rest of the world, Drusillas Park in Alfriston have been heartbroken to see the devastation being caused by the wildfires in Australia. This morning, Drusillas donated £1000 to WIRES Wildlife Rescue Charity in Australia, to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of animals affected by the fire.

Zoo Animal Manager, Mark Kenward, said: “Our hearts are just breaking for Australia and our thoughts go out to the people having to cope and live with this horror as their reality.”

“Not only have lives been lost and homes destroyed, half a billion animals are estimated to have been killed in the fires and there is talk of entire species being wiped out. It’s overwhelming for us to watch so we can’t even imagine how the people of Australia must be feeling.”

“We have a number of animals that are native to Australia at Drusillas including wallabies, potoroos and kookaburras, and when we look at them hopping around here it just really hits home that so much of this wildlife has been tragically lost.”

Drusillas wanted to do what they can to help so they donated £1000 the wildlife charity WIRES, who have been working tirelessly to rescue and care for animals injured in the fires.

Director and Head of Marketing, Cassie Poland, said: “There are so many wonderful organisations working around the clock to battle the flames and keep everyone safe and we wanted to do our bit to help. We really send our love to the people of Australia and encourage everyone to keep donating to charities to help them get through this tragic time.”

If you would like to add your support and donate to an Australian charity, there are a number of places you can give money to, including (but not limited to): The New South Wales Fire Service, The Australian Red Cross and WIRES Wildlife Rescue

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