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Drusillas Park Reopens!


Drusillas Park in East Sussex reopened at 10am this morning after a gruelling 230 days of closure. Excited visitors lined up outside the Park entrance an hour before opening, eager to start enjoying the outdoors once more.

Over the past few weeks Drusillas Park has been a hive of activity as staff worked busily getting ready for reopening. Over 100 social distancing signs can be found around the park, 70 hand sanitising stations are in place, capacity has been limited, an enhanced cleaning regime is in place as well as lots of other safety measures.

Deputy Managing Director, Cassie Poland, said: “It’s so good to be open and to be back up and running after such a long time being closed. It was wonderful to see so many happy smiling visitors this morning and a real relief to finally welcome people back and start feeling a bit more normal again.”

“230 days is a really long time to be closed! So we are just hoping and praying we don’t have to close again. We’ve been going over our safety procedures with a fine tooth comb and we are confident Drusillas will remain a safe and fun day out for all.”

“If you want to read everything we have done to make Drusillas COVID-secure please just visit our website and view either our FAQ’s page or Staying Safe at Drusillas Page.”

Initially Drusillas’ will only be opening outdoor areas, with indoor spaces such as Amazon Adventure soft play remaining closed. However, families looking for a day out will be pleased to note that over 90% of Drusillas is outdoors, so there will only be a minority of things closed. All outdoor play areas, rides and the zoo will be open.

Deputy Managing Director, Cassie Poland, said: “We are all eager to charge about freely at last, but it is still very important that everyone follows the safety guidelines we have set out. They are there for everyone’s protection and if we all work together, we can ensure a safe day out for all.”

“We also cannot stress enough the importance of booking your tickets online before you visit. We are operating a limited capacity so once we are full, we will have to restrict entries. So please, if you are coming to visit us, book your tickets online first.”

“We are thrilled to be reopen and we are definitely sighing with relief today to finally have visitors coming through the doors.”


(article written in 2020)

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