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First Goeldi's Monkey Baby in 10 Years

PUBLISHED 01/05/2024

Drusillas Welcomes Vulnerable Goeldi's Monkey Baby - The First In 10 Years!

We are delighted to announce the safe and healthy arrival of our first baby Goeldi's monkey in a decade! This is fantastic news for the Park, and a boost for conservation efforts for this diminutive species, currently classified as 'vulnerable' by the IUCN red list. 

The tiny babe was born on 29th March, to proud parents Penelope and Neville. The cute couple met less than 2 years ago, when Penelope arrived from Blackpool Zoo, and Neville was transferred from Paignton Zoo.  Keepers had high hopes for the lovestruck pair from the start, who seemed to fall head over heels almost immediately, grooming each other and spending every moment together.

Drusillas Head Keeper, Gemma Romanis, said, "The arrival of the Goeldi’s monkey baby is very exciting for Drusillas as we have been working towards breeding this vulnerable species for some time. The new baby was expected, as Penelope was showing signs of pregnancy, but that doesn’t make it any less special - this is our first birth of this vulnerable primate for ten years!

"Goeldi’s monkeys are inquisitive in nature, vulnerable in the wild, and are a completely unique species. Neville is quite laid back, while Penelope is a bundle of energy who zips around their habitat. It will be fascinating to observe their behaviour as a family group and see which parent the new babe takes after! “

"The little one is thriving, and we’re thrilled with how well Penelope and Neville are getting on as first-time parents. They share the responsibility of carrying and looking after the infant and are super gentle and sweet – they’re both clearly naturals and doing all the right things for the baby.”

Visitors may have noticed the tiny baby beginning to explore the world, snuggled safely onto their devoted Mum's back. The cute infant can be hard to spot because of the Goeldi's monkey characteristic 'cape’ of lush, thick hair on their neck and back, which the fluffy youngster blends right into!

Goeldi’s monkeys are relatively small primates, measuring just 21-23cm - not including their tails, which can be 25-30cm long - and their thick, black coats, which can make them look much larger than they are. They live in dense rainforest vegetation in northwest South America, but the species has become vulnerable, mainly due to the illegal pet trade and deforestation. 

With this new arrival, Drusillas Park now has three Goeldi’s monkeys located at the front of the Zoo. Make sure you come and say ‘hi ‘next time you visit. 

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