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Dru-assic Park!

Last night Drusillas Park announced they are launching a brand-new attraction in 2020. Several animatronic and model dinosaurs will be making a home for themselves at Drusillas in spring next year. So, visitors better get ready to welcome Dru-assic Park, a land that time forgot…

Earlier in the week, Drusillas released a cryptic pixilated image on social media, hinting at what the new project might be. The image caused quite the stir amongst their followers, with hundreds of people commenting on and sharing the post in excitement.

Last night Drusillas finally unveiled their plans for a new prehistoric area called Jurassic Jungle.

Drusillas Director and Head of Marketing, Cassie Poland, said: “We are so excited to take a walk back in time and discover a lost world of Jurassic giants! We are re-developing our singing crocodile pool and walk-through area next to Lemurland, and turning it into an amazing dinosaur jungle. It’s not a massive area but it will have a big impact and be something really fun for our visitors”

“Visitors will enter our Jurassic Jungle by walking through the jaws of a giant t-rex. From there they can follow the footpath and meet several animatronic and model dinosaurs. There will be a friendly family of Triceratops, a spitting Dilophosaurus and a flying Pterosaur.”

The Dinosaurs are currently being custom made in China and will be shipped over to Drusillas once work is complete.

Director and Head of Marketing, Cassie Poland, said: “Keep checking Drusillas social media for more updates as our Jurassic giants get closer to us! We are really excited to start work on our prehistoric walk-through and can’t wait to welcome everyone to our Jurassic Jungle.”

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