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Red Panda Babies are Growing Fast

Since their arrival on 16 June, the red panda babies at Drusillas Park, East Sussex are growing fast and have more than doubled in size.

At nearly eight weeks old the cubs now weigh 585g and 532g compared to just 242g and 238g at eight days old.

The twins, which are a boy and a girl, are also getting darker by the day. Red pandas are born with pale fur which deepens to the adult colouration around day 50. This is certainly true of the cubs at Drusillas who are quickly developing the distinctive red-brown coat and whitish facial markings of their parents.

Although the babies are still being looked after in the nest box, they are much more active. They are becoming very inquisitive about the world outside and are likely to start venturing out by the end of the month.

From time to time, mum Mulan can be seen moving the babies from one box to another. Red pandas are very clean animals and whilst they are being nursed, Mulan will actually consume any waste products in order to keep the nest tidy. She will also move the family between the boxes to ensure the conditions are just right, transporting them gently in her mouth to a more shady area on hotter days.

Zoo Keeper, Katherine Gibson commented: “Both panda cubs are doing very well indeed. They are still being moved around from house to house by mum Mulan, although they are getting bigger and bigger everyday so it's becoming a bit more of a chore for her to carry them.” 

“They really have developed their own personalities and are very aware of our keepers' presence. They have started to move around on their own inside the houses and have been seen venturing close to the house entrance recently. I can't wait until they come outside!”

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