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Animal Oscars Take Place at Drusillas Park!

The most glamorous event of the zoo’s social calendar has taken place at the award-winning Drusillas Park in Alfriston, East Sussex. The 2014 Animal Oscars gave recognition to a host of four-legged stars for the enjoyment they have brought to many people’s lives. The Awards proved a roaring success and were even reported to rival this year’s prestigious Academy Awards, which take place on Sunday.

Amongst the winners on the night, the Meerkats predictably bagged the ‘Best Animal’ award as voted for by the public. These furry favourites have been the long standing icon of the zoo route and once again received the highest number of animal adoptions over the last 12 months.

This year’s ‘Best Original Sound Track’ was awarded to the ring tailed lemurs. These primates have a complex and distinct array of vocalisations including wailing, cackling and shrieking and their mysterious howl is audible up to half a mile away.

The flamingos stole the show for ‘Costume Design’; from their speech it was clear to see they were tickled pink with the accolade. Plus with no great surprise, ‘Rear of the Year’ was once again awarded to the Sulawesi black crested macaques butt there really was no competition!

Finally ‘Lifetime Achievement’ was received by Slasher the rockhopper penguin. Slasher is one of Drusillas Park’s longest standing residents; he arrived in 1993 from Edinburgh Zoo and celebrates his 22nd birthday in May.

Coupling style and panache, Slasher was extremely well turned out in black tie and sporting spectacular yellow head-feathers. Leading the procession up the red carpet it was only the paparazzi who were disappointed, catching red eye in every picture! 

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