Christmas Comes Early to Drusillas Park

Christmas Comes Early to Drusillas Park

8th November 2017

As children around the world wait impatiently for Christmas to arrive, Santa Claws decided to make an early visit to the cheeky monkeys at Drusillas Park and snuck in to deliver some exciting festive treats. 

Drusillas’ Sulawesi black-created macaques have been exceptionally good this year and last night they were handsomely rewarded by the Big Man himself. On the top of their wish list was a delicious Christmas feast and they were not disappointed.

Carefully prepared parcels were placed around the macaque enclosure, ready for the troop to discover when they ventured out for breakfast this morning. The greedy gang revelled with excitement as they tore into the perfect parcels and polished off the merry meal in minutes.

Zoo Keeper Helena Farley said: “We don’t know why Santa decided to stop off early at Drusillas this year but the macaques were thrilled with their gifts – they must have been very good monkeys this year indeed!”

“Santa Claws left little bundles of food disguised as Christmas presents. Each of these parcels consisted of peas, aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms, chard, fine beans and okra. Every portion was then neatly wrapped up in a banana leaf. The gifts came in all shapes and sizes; some were even disguised as Christmas crackers.”

Delivering the animals’ meals in imaginative and unusual ways is all part of the zoo’s daily enrichment programme, with Christmas being no exception. This ensures they receive a varied and diverse diet, as well as encouraging them to think and work for their food as they would in the wild.

Keeper Helena Farley commented: “We know Santa will be back soon with gifts for the rest of the zoo. All of our animals are busily working away on their Christmas wish lists now. We suspect the macaques got over excited, as per usual, and posted their letters too early!”

Come and experience the Christmas magic for yourself at Drusillas Park! From Saturday 18th November, their amazing Winter Wonderland will be opening. Visit Santa in his Christmas Cottage, come and meet the huskies or say hi to the reindeer. Plus make sure you don’t miss out on the Winter Wonderland illuminations; gather round and watch as the dazzling lights dance to festive music.  

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