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Giant Birthday Celebrations Take Place at Drusillas Park

Zoo Keepers at Drusillas Park are busily preparing treats, putting on party hats and pumping up balloons as they get ready to celebrate a rather large birthday…Oli the giant anteater will be turning two-years-old on Sunday 17th September.

Oli arrived at Drusillas on March 29th this year, after travelling all the way for Decin Zoo in the Czech Republic. The youngster has been settling in well and is already adored by the hordes of visitors that flock to see her.

Although she is now joined by Diego, a male giant anteater, Oli was the first of her species to ever be seen at the Park.

Head Keeper Mark Kenward said: “These unique insectivorous giants have been bringing so much joy to both keepers and park visitors. They don’t look like they are from this planet! They look very alien with their big long noses and ginormous tongues. Oli and Diego have been an absolute smash hit at the Park, and it’s so easy to see why – they are just…well…cool!”

In celebration of Oli’s second birthday, Drusillas’ keepers will be serving her up with an extra helping of her favourite treat – the Mississippi Mud Pie.

Deputy Head Keeper, Sophie Leadbitter, commented: “This is a slightly unusual take on the famous Mississippi Mud Pie, definitely not the usual fudgy delight that most chocolate lovers would expect! Oli’s version is hand-made from 400g of Termant mix, 280g of sieved topsoil, and 815mls of water. Maybe not quite what Mary Berry would put in one of her cookbooks, but for an anteater this is heaven!”

“Soil is essential to a giant anteater’s diet. In the wild they would ingest some of the termite mound itself whilst they are feasting on the termites inside. This soil adds microbial and fungal content to their stomachs. If they don’t get soil in their diet they can become poorly, appear unsatisfied and pace a lot more.”


Drusillas wishes Oli a very happy Birthday and hopes she enjoys her special day! 

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