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Growing Up is a Grey Area for Zoo Baby Mekena

At just two months old the sight of a grey hair may be a little alarming to some but for baby Makena, the colobus monkey at Drusillas Park, it is just part of getting older! 

Born on 21st November 2012, Makena has just started to develop the black and white coloration of her parents. Makena was born with a pale pink face and woolly white fur, which is now turning grey. However, it will take up to 6 months before the transformation is complete and her adult coat is fully grown. 

In the wild these large monkeys inhabit the forests of central Africa, where their numbers have fallen due to habitat destruction and hunting. They live in family groups of up to 20 animals which often consist of one male, several females and their young. 

The group at Drusillas are part of the European breeding programme and Makena is the second baby to be born since the arrival of proud parents, Elgon and Isis in 2011.
Elgon and Isis’ first baby, Adaeze arrived in November 2011
and is progressing well; the whole family live together at Drusillas along with Elgon’s half sister, Hathor. 

Makena means ‘happy one’ and she has certainly been living up to her name. It will be a little while yet before this tiny treetop traveller is branching out with her sister and getting up to monkey mischief but her playful nature is no grey area; it is plain for all to see. 


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