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Mystic Meerkats Predict England V Senegal

‘Mystic Meerkats’ predict results for England V Senegal World Cup Game

A group meerkats at Drusillas Park in Sussex have developed a skill of correctly predicting the results of England’s key football games, including Euro 2020 and the Women’s World Cup. Dubbed the ‘mystic meerkats’ the adorable group of animals have now predicted who will win England’s first game in the Round of 16 against Senegal.

Using two buckets of treats - each with a team's flag on - the meerkats are offered choice of which bucket they would like to snack from, and the bucket surrounded by the most meerkats is declared the predicted winner.

Previously, the mystic meerkats became good luck charms for fans for Euro 2020 with their adorable prediction method and were invited onto Heart FM with Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman during the Women’s World Cup to make a comeback and correctly predicted the results all the way to the finals.

Keepers have now asked the mob to employ their psychic powers to predict who will win in this Sunday’s game – and the meerkats are going for a win for England!

Although it might seem a strange activity for meerkats, the activity forms part of the zoo’s daily enrichment programme, which makes sure all the animals enjoy a diverse diet in imaginative and unusual ways. The activities encourage them to think and work for their food similar to how they would in the wild - and it's now become a bit of a tradition at the Zoo.

Zoo Keeper Jacinta Dawe said: “Our team love getting into the spirit of the World Cup and so it’s been great to get behind the squad and show our support. Although we wish both teams luck on Sunday - it would be amazing for England to win as the meerkats have predicted!"

Jacinta continued: "The mystic mob seem to be loving reigniting their psychic powers and now get excited when they see me arrive with the buckets and flags. The mob's matriarch, Tamu, is always first to the buckets letting everyone know what to do, and even our babies Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are joining in." 

On Thursday, Jacinta placed carefully prepared buckets in the sand, with an England flag attached to one and Senegal flag on the other. Then it was down to the mystic mob. The whistle was blown and Tamu and Tyson were straight in there, confidently in the England half. Their teammates pushed forward and there was a little uncertainty for a while as both buckets seemed to be full of meerkats. After what looked like it might end in a draw, more and more of the mystic meerkats started to climb inside the England bucket to really make their feelings known, with their little furry behinds sticking out! It was a clear England win, the mystic meerkats are backing our boys! Let’s hope they are correct, and the mystic meerkats can work their charms and predict more games as the tournament continues.

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