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New Serval Enclosure is the Cats Whiskers

Since January, the estate team have been working tirelessly to create an impressive new space for the zoo’s two cool cats, Kariba and Ninja. This week the wait was finally over as work was completed and our purrfect couple moved into their new home.  












The Project

It all started back on 11th January when the servals were moved to an off show area, whilst the estate team set about dismantling their enclosure.

Image one_1.jpg

Vertical steel posts were installed around the perimeter and the studwork was put in place to form two large indoor rooms and a seperate introduction area. The rear wall of the outdoor area was then plastered and half round logs were added to the external walls, providing a larger, lighter outdoor stomping ground. 









Sand substrate was then laid in parts of the enclosure and the rest was turfed and planted with grasses. Finally the windows were glazed and a few feline features added. 

The Rockery

Contractors from Themeworks visited the zoo during the project to build a large rockery for the cats to bask on. Like many cats, these fabulous felines love nothing better than to laze around on a sunny day.








Image_two.jpgThe Mural

At the rear of the enclosure, a large savannah scene has been painted by a local artist representing the cats’ native homeland of sub-Saharan Africa. Serval cats are found in the grasslands and around wetlands across central Africa, where their elongated legs and necks enable them to see over the top of the long grasses.









The Viewing Window

The new enclosure also offers improved viewing opportunities for visitors to see these magnificent moggies at close quarters; there’s a full length viewing panel right at the front and a concave dome that allows visitors to step straight into the scene. 











 Ninja and Kariba returned to their new home on Sunday and have settled well. With all their added creature comforts, they certainly look like two cats that got the cream. 







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