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Quill Robbie Find Love Again?

It can be difficult for anyone to find someone special but imagine just how hard it would be if you were a little prickly, slightly porky and asleep for most of the day?

That is exactly the challenge faced by Zoo Manager and resident match maker, Sue Woodgate at Drusillas Park as she embarks on her quest to find love for Robbie the porcupine this Valentine’s Day. 

Robbie arrived at Drusillas Park in 2004 and lived happily alongside his female companion Tisha until a month ago, when she sadly passed away following a short period of illness. Since then Sue has been working hard to find Robbie another prickly partner but so far the search for lady quills has not proved brill.

Sue certainly has her work cut out. It’s fair to say Robbie would not be considered everyone’s ideal man – in fact he may be considered a bit of a slob by some standards.

Cape porcupines are native throughout sub-Saharan Africa, where they spend much of the day in underground burrows in order to escape predators and the blistering heat of the sun. This behaviour is mirrored by Robbie, dozing throughout the day and only venturing out for short periods in order to feed.

Sue commented: “Robbie is in grave danger of turning his indoor den into a bit of a man cave. We need to find him a female companion as soon as possible before he becomes completely undateable!”

“We have been in touch with another zoo in the UK and there is a chance we may have found a sweetheart for our spikey suitor. If Cupid’s barb lands on target, we will be able to introduce Robbie to a new love in the next few weeks and let the prickly pair get acquainted – albeit very carefully!” 

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