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Red Pandas Babies are Named at Drusillas

The red panda babies born at Drusillas Park, Alfriston on 16 June have been named Mya and Anmar.

The twins, who are a boy and a girl, were given these names after Facebook followers were asked to make suggestions that reflect their native history. Mya and Anmar were chosen because red pandas are found in the high-altitude forests of Myanmar, or Burma, as it is more commonly known.

At 12 weeks old, the twins now have the clearly defined markings of their parents. Their fur, once pale, has deepened into the distinctive red-brown coat and both have developed the light cheeks and darker eye stripes.

Interestingly Mya has taken on the slightly darker colouration of her mother, Mulan. On the other hand, Anmar has a comparatively lighter coat, much like his father, Tibao. The panda pair have also started to eat bamboo leaves which have been part-chewed by Mulan to make them more digestible.

Head Keeper, Mark Kenward commented: “Panda cubs are very playful by nature and our two are no exception. Mya and Anmar have great personalities and I suspect they will provide a great deal of entertainment once they are out and about, getting up to mischief.”

“The cubs are starting to get restless and are awake the majority of the time now. They are both vocal and aware of their surroundings and it should not be too long before they start venturing beyond the nest box. They have even been spotted poking their heads out of the entrance, so watch this space."

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