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Squirrel Monkeys Predict Election Outcome

After having a good read of the three main parties’ manifestos, Drusillas’ mystic monkeys have predicted a landslide victory for the Liberal Democrats in the upcoming election.


Drusillas decided to join in with the election furore by conducting the most scientific of experiments. After rounding up their most politically minded squirrel monkeys, Zoo Keepers asked the cheeky little ones if they could predict which party would win the election.

In this highly accurate experiment, the furry favourites were presented with three buckets each containing a party manifesto.

Drusillas’ mini politicians paced the party line, carefully considering the points put across by the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Initially it looked as though the Conservatives were going to take an early win, but after some very thoughtful reading, there was a slight shift to the left and the monkeys put their faith in the Liberals.

Out of the six monkeys Drusillas asked to vote, three chose Lib Dem, two stubbornly abstained and one couldn’t quite cope with the stress; so he sought refuge atop the Deputy Head Keeper’s head and proceeded to stuff his face with popcorn – a solid response to political pressure.

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