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Staff at Drusillas Park Prepare Animals for Hot Spell

The Met Office has forecast that the fine weather we have experienced in many parts of the UK is part of a prolonged spell of very warm conditions, which look likely to remain until the middle of July.

With the temperatures reaching way above average, Keepers at Drusillas Park in East Sussex are taking no chances. Just like humans, animals can be affected by the heat so staff are taking precautions to ensure the zoo residents remain chilled out even when the temperatures are soaring.

The zoo team has stocked the freezers with giant lollipops, made with frozen fruit. These are being enjoyed by many different species at the zoo including the family of racoons, otters and many of the primates. This not only helps keep the animals cool, it will also form part of their daily enrichment programme by encouraging them to work a little harder for their food as they would in the wild.

One group that has welcomed the warmer weather is the residents of Lemurland. Much like our own beach-going nation, the zoo’s ring-tailed lemurs love to sunbathe. They have wasted no time basking in the heat with their arms and legs extended in a manner indicative of the lotus position.

Down on the Farm, kune kune pigs Rusty, Porker and Peppa have also been receiving some extra pampering. Just as our own skin needs to be protected from the sun’s strong rays, steps must be taken to ensure these three little pigs do not burn. Keepers are therefore applying high factor sun cream to their bodies to ensure the happy hogs remain the pig-ture of health.  

However, the species that seem to be enjoying the heat more than any other is the humans. Visitors have been flocking to Explorers Lagoon over the last few days in order to sunbathe and paddle in the themed pool and seem to be having a simply splashing time. 

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