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Summer Guide: 9 Ways to Keep Cool at the Park!

PUBLISHED 21/07/2022

Things are certainly heating up, so we have plenty of ways to keep your little ones nice and cool this summer at Drusillas Park!

1. Get Wet! Splash Pad

Our super splash pad is the perfect way to keep little ones cool and burn off some of that holiday energy. Soak up the fun on a sunny summer’s day with water jets, ground geysers, swirling streams and spiralling sprays! 

2. Giant Spitting Anaconda

Head along to our brand new attraction - The Rainforest Adventure - and hop into one of our new Jungle Jeeps. As you travel along the mini safari, look out for our giant spitting anaconda - you just might get wet!

3. Penguin Pool

Our waddle of Humboldt penguins know how to keep cool on a hot day, so spend a little time watching them duck, dive, splash and swim during our penguin feeding talks at 11.30am and 4pm every day!

4. Ice Creams

Treat your gang to an icy treat with a huge selection of all your favourite lollies, cones and ices or for a more unusual cool-down why not try our 'Fwip' gelato? The hardest part is choosing just one!

5. Jurassic Jungle

Tip-toe through our Jurassic Jungle and meet all our animatronic dino friends - including our spraying dilophosaurus!

6. Indoor Soft Play

Our jungle themed soft play complex is the perfect children's play area with slides, tunnels, walkways, runway, poles, planks and even cannons. The building is air conditioned to provide the perfect climate whatever the weather!

7. SPARK Sensory Play

Take a moment out of the sun in our extraordinary immersive jungle! Play in our virtual waterfall, splash around in our digital lagoon, and slide into our interactive coral reef.  And marvel as the whole room responds to your touch!

8. Slurp a Slushie

What is more exciting on a summer day out than a super slushie? Pick your favourite flavour and help yourself, or if you're feeling adventurous concoct your own mixture of flavours!

9. Squirting Frogs

If you've ever been to the Park, you'll know how much the kids LOVE our squirting frog pond! Jump on the blue pad and try to dive out of the way of the water jets... find it by The Rainforest Carousel!

AND...Cool Savings

Save yourself an ice cool 20% on your Drusillas day out by booking your tickets in advance online. And don't worry if you're feeling spontaneous, the saving is valid up to midnight the day before.



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