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Welcome to the world Ozzy!

PUBLISHED 05/01/24

We are delighted to introduce you to the newest member of the Drusillas family - a teeny tiny red-handed tamarin!
Born on 10th December, this sweet little one is doing brilliantly under the loving care of mum Isla, dad Kiwa, and big brother Bowie.
Last year, supporters on our Facebook page chose Bowie's name as a nod to him being Isa and Kiwa's rainbow baby. So, we turned to our supporters again to choose another rockstar name for our new little babe, and they have chosen to name them... OZZY!
Red-handed tamarins are small monkeys that are completely black apart their distinctive red hands and feet. In the wild they live in the tropical rainforests of Brazil, Guyana, French Guinea and Surinam.
They live in groups of up to 20 individuals but only the dominant male and female will breed. They usually have two babies at a time which are carried around by the father.
Our growing family of four is showing all the right signs of being settled and happy, and big brother Bowie is taking so well to having a sibling, we often see Ozzy clinging sweetly to his back.
Come along and meet Ozzy when you're next here!
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