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Sunflower Brightens Monkey’s Day

Sunflower Brightens Monkey’s Day 

Squirrel monkeys at Drusillas Park are tucking into an award-winning sunflower as a special enrichment treat.

The squirrel monkeys were delighted as the large sunflower head was hung in their enclosure for them to pick at and swing from to their heart’s content.

Drusillas Zoo Manager, Sue Woodgate, said: “I encouraged my son to grow sunflowers because I thought we could feed them to the squirrel monkeys at the end of the season, but when I saw how large this one had grown, I knew he had to enter it into the Berwick Produce Association Show this weekend - and he won!”

“Sunflower seeds are part of their varied diet. We often sprinkle them on their food, but this was much more fun for them. They were instantly intrigued by the large flower head hanging from their ropes, but as soon as one of them spotted the seeds underneath, the others soon joined in picking it apart!”

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