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Wild Cup

Drusillas’ Animals Kick Off the Wild Cup Tournament

It all kicked-off at Drusillas Park this week, as animals from around the world started to compete for the 2018 Wild Cup.
The Brazilian coatis got their noses in front from the start and did not disappoint the crowds with their usual display of silky smooth skills, impressive dribbling and samba style celebrations.
With no surprise, the African meerkats were united behind their national squad. Their defence remained solid throughout, with one meerkat on the lookout for any threat from the opposition at all times.
The Asian otters took a dive early on and got stuck straight in. They clawed their way back from the jaws of defeat for a nail-biting victory within their group.
However, it was the leaping lemurs that proved more than a match for the keepers. They ran rings around the opposition but kept hitting the woodwork; the howls in around the stadium rivalled the vuvuzela!
It’s all still to play for at the zoo, and on Monday the English Ponies are going to be taking on the Tunisian Fennec Foxes! It’s going to be wild few weeks at Drusillas Park!

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