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Animal Bamboo appeal

Drusillas Park Launches Urgent Appeal for Browse to Feed Their Animals

Drusillas Park, East Sussex, are appealing for browse donations after their hungry monkeys, lemurs, red pandas and camels have chomped their way through a little more than anticipated.

Demonstrating a very healthy appetite, a few of the animal residents at Drusillas Park, have been keeping their Keepers busily searching for more and more food.

One of the animals that has been really keeping the Keepers busy is the red pandas. Keeping the red pandas satisfied with enough roots and shoots is an ongoing battle for the award-winning zoo in Alfriston. The group’s appetite for bamboo is insatiable, with each individual consuming up to 2kg a day.

Zoo Manager, Sue Woodgate, commented: “Our own plantation has been struggling to keep up with the large appetites of the monkeys, lemurs and camels, let alone trying to satisfy the red pandas’ enormous appetite! If any green fingered individuals out there have some fresh browse they can spare for our animals, we would be so grateful!”

The zoo is looking for any unwanted plants such as willow, bamboo and fruit tree branches (with leaves attached). Any bamboo is good as long as it's tall, fresh, healthy plants. Black bamboo is a particular red panda favourite, and both Mulan and Anmar enjoy small, leafy stems.

Sue Woodgate said, “Normally we would look to our own grounds to supply the required browse but our gardening team have now had to ask us to stop ‘raiding’ their stocks as there is very little left and we need time to allow more to grow and replenish. We are therefore appealing to the public to help. Please contact Drusillas on 01323 874100 with any donations.”

Drusillas is able to collect donations within a 5 mile radius of Alfriston, but unfortunately doesn’t have the man-power to travel beyond this. If any kind-hearted individuals are able to deliver, the Zoo Team would be extremely grateful.

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