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Angela Showcases Her Spider Jewelry Collection

Drusillas’ Spider Expert, Angela Hale, Gives Lady Hale a Run for Her Money

UK Supreme Court President, Lady Hale, has taken the world by storm over the past few days. However, despite her damming announcements regarding Boris Johnson, most people’s attention seems to have been on her large sparkling spider brooch. 

Drusillas in-house spider expert was shocked to hear of the furore surrounding Lady Hale’s Brooch. Challenging her not only in name but also in the fashion department, Angela Hale, has a collection of spider jewellery that would knock Lady Hale’s socks off.

Angela Hale said: “I have been collecting spider jewellery for over 30 years, what you can see here is not even a third of my collection. I have everything from little sliver spider earrings, to necklaces containing real spiders and even a pendant moulded around real goliath tarantula fangs.”

“I would love to show Lady Hale my collection of insect brooches I think they would be right up her street! I am envious of her brooch I must admit. But one brooch is just a drop in the ocean compared to my collection – I have literally hundreds of different pieces, collected from all corners of the globe.”
When she’s not modelling jewellery, Angela is busy helping Drusillas with their Spider Phobia courses and creepy crawly days. Known as ‘Tarangela’ at the zoo, Angela knows almost all there is to know about these curious creatures and keeps a collection of over 150 different live arachnids at home in her spare bedroom. She is also the secretary of the British Tarantula Society.

Angela spends a great deal of time trying to re-educate people about these amazing creatures and she and her husband, fellow arachnophile Ray, will be hosting Drusillas’ Spider Saturday on 12th October 2019. This exciting event offers an insight into the eight-legged invaders and their unique set of behaviours and characteristics.

Angela commented: “I am so passionate about spiders; they really are quite beautiful and fascinating if you give them a chance! I am really proud of both my collection of real spiders and my spider accessories. We actually even have over 4,000 books on spiders at home as well…you might say we are a little bit obsessed!”

So, there we have it, Lady Hale might have rocked that brooch on Tuesday but she hasn’t got anything on Angela.

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