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'Armadillo Aerobics' sees weight loss results for Patsy and Eddie!

PUBLISHED 18/03/22

‘Armadillo aerobics’ sees weight loss results for Patsy and Eddie!

Have you ever seen an armadillo in the gym? Playing football? Doing their little arma-drill-os to keep fit? You could win tickets to meet armadillo twins, Patsy and Eddie, who are on their post-Christmas weight loss journey!

For two previously podgy yellow armadillos, Patsy and Eddie, who live at Drusillas Park, daily workouts and exercises - including see-saws, footballs, and digging buckets - have proved a success, as they are starting to shift their festive holiday weight.

Drusillas spent the beginning of the year implementing a new physical enrichment programme and counting calories for Patsy and Eddie, as they had piled on the pounds over Christmas when they reached their peak hibernation period.

In an ‘absolutely fabulous’ update, the girls have now lost 200g between them and are steadily shedding and reaching their target weights. The pair have been having so much fun with their new aerobic programme, they’d now like to invite two lucky visitors to join in the fun and help develop more exercises for them.

Since arriving in July last year, the pair have quickly become favourites among staff, with their curious, friendly, and interactive personalities – taking treats, snuffling shoes, and clambering on laps. They showed such enthusiasm during keeper visits, the Zoo announced last month the launch of armadillo close encounter experiences.

Head Keeper, Gemma Romanis, said “The girls have come out of hibernation now, so it’s the perfect time to put in place lots of exercises to get them moving to ensure they are nice and fit for the warmer, more active months. It’s fantastic to see they are steadily losing a healthy amount of weight, and the daily enrichment exercises have also been a great time for us to bond with the pair who only arrived here last July.”

“They are full of cheeky character, always up to trouble, and causing chaos – but that’s all part of their charm! They actively engage with anything new we introduce them to, including our close encounter visitors. They love meeting new people and so to celebrate the success of their weight loss journey so far, we’re giving away a ticket for two people to come along and meet Patsy and Eddie inside their enclosure, and help us come up with exercise ideas to keep them on their toes.”

Head on over to our Facebook page between 18-23 March 2022 for a chance to win tickets to meet them!

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