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New for 2024: Soft Play Nights!

UPDATE: April Fools! We were only joking this time... but Umbongo Breezers do sound delicious!

Do you remember how much fun soft play was? Clambering up the climbing nets and whizzing down slides without a care in the world…. If you’ve ever found yourself gazing longingly at cannon canyon when you visit Amazon Adventure, then we’ve got some very exciting news!

Drusillas is delighted to announce we will be launching an exclusive ‘Soft Play Nights’ series of events. This strictly ‘no kids allowed’ experience will let you relive all the soft play excitement with the added bonus of live DJs, nostalgia themed cocktails and bar snacks, team games, and more! No kids to keep an eye on, so Mum and Dad can let their hair down - no parental supervision required! The perfect way to unwind, Soft Play nights will allow you to unleash your inner Gladiator and tackle the obstacles in our state-of-the-art soft play area, or simply sit back and chill with a boozy slushie in hand.

Resident DJ ‘Amazon Al’ will be pumping out those nostalgic 90s and noughties bangers. From the Crazy Frog to Cotton Eye Joe you’ll hear all the hits that will take you back to being 10 again. And if all that racing around makes you feel hungry, try our selection of snacks sure to spark memories including: Cheese and Pineapple sticks, Lunchables, iced gems and ring biscuits, and your favourite retro sweets and crisps. Plus, themed cocktails you’ll LOVE if you’re a 90’s/00’s kid: Sunny Delight spritz, UmBongo breezers, and Panda Pops punch.

Once the sugar high has well and truly kicked in, you can take part in our organised fun team games. From Bulldog on the aerial runway, to a round of duck duck goose before a thrilling slither down our massive snake slide, there’s something for everyone. Competitive Dads/Mums will love our Cannon Canyon Battle Royale, which we think will also prove a huge hit with team away days and stag/hen parties. Got a specific game in mind you’d love to relive? Just let our friendly Playland Team know and can put together a bespoke playtime activity package together for you.

Drusillas Managing Director Cassie Poland said:

“If you’ve ever felt like grown-ups miss out on all the softplay fun, then this experience is for you. Amazon Adventure was designed to give kids a thrilling day out, but we’ve had a lot of visitor feedback that adults wanted their turn too! During our usual operating hours we have an age limit of 12 on this play equipment for health and safety reasons, but creating an adults only series of events completely changes things and means Mums and Dads can have their moment!

“As well as making the most of this custom-built attraction, an ‘adults only’ nighttime event opens up another side to Drusillas for a whole new audience. We can’t wait to throw open the doors to all the big kids out there, and welcome a whole new demographic to Amazon Adventure!”

Soft Play Nights will launch in time for the summer and demand is expected to be very high. Keep an eye out for updates here so you don’t miss your chance to secure tickets.






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