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Praise for Zoo Team

Most of the world has been working quietly from home during lockdown, however, there remains a small minority of the population who aren’t able to do their jobs remotely. Directors at Drusillas Park in Alfriston are praising their dedicated zoo team for their commitment and hard work despite lockdown. 

Drusillas Deputy Managing Director, Cassie Poland, said: “Our dedicated team of Zookeepers have continued to work throughout the COVID-19 crisis and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to care for the animals living at Drusillas.”

“We couldn’t be prouder of our team and we are so thankful to them for carrying us through this crisis with such professionalism. Their work ethic is second to none and they have kept smiling right the way through.” 

Amongst all the gloom there has been some very exciting events at the zoo, albeit behind the scenes. Earlier in the month the Park welcomed three beautiful baby meerkats who are all growing and developing well. 

There have also been a few big birthdays amongst the zoo residents. In the sloth enclosure, Flash celebrated her fourth birthday and in the reptile department, Basil the Burmese python turned 30! Keepers kept up celebrations over the Easter period and provided some very special enrichment for their animals, including an Easter ‘egg hunt’, in which they hid treats around enclosures for the animals to discover. 

Drusillas Zoo Animal Manager, Mark Kenward, said: “It has been a difficult time for us all recently, but despite lockdown the zoo must keep running! Animals still need to be fed, cleaned and provided with plenty of enrichment. This has not been an easy task and my team have been incredible.”

“We’ve been working solo, spread out across the zoo to avoid coming into contact with each other. Our morning meetings have been very different, with us all standing in separate corners of our farmyard calling to each other! All other communication is done via radio.”

“It’s certainly a very strange sensation to have a team working together but managing to remain so separate. We all get on really well and normally we would spend lots of time together preparing food, cleaning enclosures and helping each other carry out our daily duties, so it’s definitely been a struggle not being able to work together.”

“But, that said, we have coped just fine! Everyone has really pulled together and the team spirit is wonderful. We might not be working side by side as usual, but we have all been supporting each other and we are actually closer than ever!” 

Drusillas Deputy Managing Director, Cassie Poland, said: “Even though times are uncertain and we are all feeling the pressure of our current situation, there has been so much positivity, happiness and friendship at Drusillas. The animals are all thriving and doing well, and our keepers are working as such a strong unit.”

“Our zoo team really have been outstanding, this is a scary time for them too but they have still shown up every day and worked their hearts out. I really can’t say thank you to them enough and I couldn’t be prouder of the Drusillas family.” 

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