Drusillas Park offers primary classes a unique chance to bring learning to life with a school trip to the zoo. The children’s learning experience begins with hundreds of animal species to see, imaginative and child friendly interpretation boards, eye catching interactive information displays, our Zoolympics Challenge, Animal Spotter Books and Trail, Collective Name Trail, Maasai area and our Farmyard.

Our education team can heighten your day out with a choice of fun and engaging education sessions with direct links to the National Curriculum and all sessions (except Maasai Life) include the opportunity for pupils to stroke at least two animals. Education sessions last for approximately 30 minutes. 



Children can encounter (and stroke) four animals - this usually includes at least one reptile, mammal and invertebrate.



A chance for the children to meet animals with 0, 6, 8 and hundreds of legs. The amazing world of minibeasts is brought to life in this session.


Tropical Rainforests

ChinchillaDiscover the wide range of animals and plants found in rainforests, feel snake and crocodile skins and encounter animals in our Rainforest Room.


Lenny The Lonely Land Snail (Storytime session)

Lenny the land snail is in search of a friend. Join him on his quest as he meets many different animals.


Harry Travels The World (Storytime session)

Join Harry (the rat) on his adventures across weird and wonderful lands.




Croc_skinChildren can encounter four animals - this usually includes at  least one reptile, mammal and invertebrate. KS2 pupils can  additionally handle a selection of customs seized animal artefacts (available to KS1 on request).


Habitats and Adaptations

Through innovative costumes and artefacts, we discover the
multitude of adaptations that animals have developed to
ensure that they are perfectly suited to their environment. This session can incorporate evolution on request.


Tropical Rainforests

Education_5.5.jpgThis session looks at biodiversity and importance of tropical rainforests using images, artefacts and live animals. These sessions are held in our themed Rainforest Room. 


Maasai Life

Through dressing in traditional costumes and examining many articles from everyday life, we look into the roles of the family members in the Maasai community.


Penguins NEW!

Feeding_Times.jpgBy popular demand Drusillas now offers a session all about penguins, covering penguins around the world, penguin adaptations and Drusillas penguins. Animal encounters are included, but unfortunately we cannot bring penguins into the classroom. 


Chomp, Munch, Chew NEW!

This session looks at what animals eat, how they catch their prey and food chains.




Explore the features of the invertebrates that have enabled
them to become one of the most successful, diverse and
fascinating animal groups in the world.

We take a light hearted look at the way in which we group animals, and discover what makes a fish, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal.


Life Cycles


We take a look at a variety of animal life cycles, using costumes and artefacts to explain how animals grow up and become adults.


Caring for Animals

Discover how Drusillas looks after its exotic animals by learning about enclosure design, diets and enrichment. This session also looks at pet care and gives pupils the opportunity to stroke two animals.


Discovery_Centre.jpgEndangered Animals and Conservation

Find out why some animals are endangered, and how zoos look after their animals and work together to increase their numbers. Pupils are able to handle a range of animal artefacts on loan from HM Revenue & Customs.


This new session focuses on less photogenic animals that have amazing adaptations and often need to be conserved.


Don’t forget we also offer free adults ratios, a choice of two picnic areas, a simple booking procedure, plenty of spaces for coaches near to the entrance and opportunities to order goody bags.

To book an educational trip Drusillas Park, telephone the Education Department on 01323 874117 or email us at


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