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Lovebird Royal Wedding Advice

Marriage Advice from Drusillas’ Lovebirds to the Royal Lovebirds


As the nation counts down to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the lovebirds at Drusillas Park, East Sussex have been busily sharing their advice for a long and happy marriage.

Lovebirds form strong monogamous pair bonding, and once they mate they mate for life. These highly social and affectionate birds are the perfect example of wedded bliss and Keepers at Drusillas Park could think of no better animal to serve as a role model for young Harry and Meghan.

Zoo Manager, Sue Woodgate, said: “Our beautiful black-cheeked lovebirds really set the bar high for romance. They can be seen cuddling up to each other all day long, forever pruning and nuzzling one another; showing that affection and care really are vital ingredients to a successful partnership.”

“Of course sometimes there are fights but they always resolve them and go straight back to snuggling with each other as soon as everything is said and done. We thought perhaps Prince Harry and Meghan might like to learn from the wisdom of our lovebirds and discover what the secrets of a long and happy marriage really are.”

Excitingly the lovebirds at Drusillas Park have also started their own baby boom! No less than 30 eggs have been laid in the nest boxes at the Park.

Zoo Manager, Sue Woodgate, said: “We can’t believe 30 eggs have all been laid at the same time! Things must have been getting pretty steamy in the lovebird enclosure! We are very excited to welcome the new arrivals, and have every faith our lovebirds are all going to make wonderful parents.”

“Cupid’s arrow has obviously not just been aimed at the royals recently; clearly the cheeky cherub has been flying over our bird enclosure as well! We are going to beat Prince Harry and Meghan to the punch this time, as our babies are already on the way. But who knows maybe in a year’s time, we might be expecting more lovebird babies when the royal couple are expecting theirs!”


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