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Spider Saturday!

Creep Down to Drusillas for Spider Saturday!

Get ready for a weird and wonderful day at Drusillas Park! On Saturday 12th October, a whole host of eight-legged beasties will be creeping around Drusillas’ Discovery Centre between 11am and 4pm for their annual Spider Saturday.

Experts from the British Tarantula Society will be on hand to answer questions throughout the day, including Drusillas’ very own spider woman, Angela Hale. Known as Tarangela at the zoo, Angela knows all there is to know about arachnids and will be on hand to help visitors understand these mini monsters.

Angela Hale commented: “There is no good reason to be afraid of spiders. The vast majority of spiders are harmless and extremely beneficial invertebrates. As a representative of The British Tarantula Society, I will be on hand to show people just how amazing and important these creatures are.”

“It’s that time of year again when our homes and gardens become overrun with eight-legged invaders. Giant house spiders, which can grow to as big as 12cm in length, will be becoming increasingly present in UK homes as the weather starts to get cooler and wetter. So, it’s a good idea to pop down to our spider Saturday and let us teach you why there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“As we approach the autumn season, adult male spiders will be starting to move around and look for mates, so it will appear as though there are suddenly a lot more spiders around. Lots of female spiders will also be pregnant at this time of year so they will appear larger and a little clumsier as their bodies are swollen with eggs.”

Spider expert, Angela Hale, commented: “Our native spiders pose no threat to us. They are essential to our ecosystem; they are our friends, not our enemies so we need to find a way to learn to live alongside them. They really are more scared of you than you are of them and would much rather run away.”

“Spider Saturday is an informative day when anyone visiting the Park can come and meet a few spiders and learn a little about why they are so important to us all. Come along and be amazed!”
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