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How much do you know about the unusual binturong?

How Much do you Know About the Unusual Binturong?

Drusillas Park will be celebrating World Binturong Day on Saturday 11th May by making sure their two resident binturongs are made to feel special with special treats and extra love!

The aim of the day is to bring international focus on the conservation of binturongs and to raise awareness for the ever declining numbers of binturongs in the wild.

Binturong Awareness Day is the perfect opportunity to honor these fascinating animals and keepers are keen to recognise the day by highlighting facts about these charming animals who are a favourite among keepers and visitors at the zoo.

Drusillas is home to two Binturongs, Angkor (aged 12) and Penh (aged 13). Angkor, the female, is the larger of the two and is also the most dominant of the pair.

Deputy Head Keeper, Gemma Romanis, looks after them on a day-to-day basis and knows many interesting facts about the species.

She said: “Binturongs are fascinating animals; they are found in South East Asia and are omnivores. They are the only old world mammal and one of two in the carnivore family to have a prehensile tale, which means they have adapted it to be able to grasp or hold objects. Because of this, they have developed a leathery patch at the tip of their tail to aid grip.”

Gemma continued “Binturongs can turn their wrists 180 degrees to help when climbing down trees and perhaps most fascinatingly of all, females experience delayed implantation meaning that females can time when their young are born! They really are an incredible species and I am lucky to work with them on a daily basis at Drusillas Park.”

Drusillas is proud to be playing their part in safeguarding these fascinating and lovable animals and hopes to keep the species thriving well into the future.

You can see Penh and Angkor in their enclosure at Drusillas Park.

Find out more about where binturongs live and the layers of the rainforest!

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