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Arabian Rock Hyrax

Procavia capensis jayakari

About the Arabian Rock Hyrax

Rock hyraxes are small tailless mammals that have a brown-grey back and a lighter belly. They have a scent gland on their back and the soles of their feet are moist and rubber-like, which helps them to climb on rocks. Rock hyraxes are closely related to elephants. Baby hyraxes eat adults’ droppings so their stomachs have the bacteria needed to help them to digest plants. Rock hyraxes feed on grass, shrubs and other plants; they especially like fruit, berries, shoots and buds.

Habitat and Distribution

Rock hyraxes live in rocky areas in much of sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Family Information

They live in colonies of up to 26, usually one male, several females and their offspring. They can have up to six babies at a time; which start climbing when they are one day old!

Conservation Status: Common

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