Humboldt Penguins

Humboldt Penguins

Spheniscus humboldti

About the Humboldt Penguins:

The Humboldt penguins have short waterproof feathers, which are often compared to a smart dinner jacket in appearance. A black stripe runs across their chests in the shape of an upside down horseshoe and just like your fingerprints, each Humboldt penguin has a unique pattern of spots on their belly which they can be identified by.

Habitat and Distribution

Humboldt penguins are found off the coast of Chile and Peru, and are named after the cold Humboldt current of the region. 

Penguins are monogamous, staying with the same partner for life. They live together in huge colonies; this is safer and helps to confuse predators, especially when in the water.

Conservation Status: Rare

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